Basic Survival Guide and Tips

Being prepared is a skill that goes hand in hand with surviving. Learning about survival tips and guides has become a necessity due to the constant challenges we face in the world. By learning about survival tips and guides, it will enable us to be ready and handle emergencies in a more profound way. Every human in life gains survival instincts as he grows up and adapts to the environment or rather the world he is brought up in. This is a clear indication that the most crucial survival element is your brain. So, when you find yourself caught up in a situation that may proof life-threatening, such as been lost or stranded, it is important not to panic! There 5 basic disaster survival tips and guides below to help you out.

Tip #1: Shelter

This is one of the major necessities that man depends on for protection against adverse weather conditions such as; extreme cold, heat, rain, and snow. There is no need to build a shelter if it's easier to find one. This allows you to save energy which you will channel into other areas of survival. It's important for you to also have the right clothing for the right environment. In addition, ensure that your garments are dry, especially, the ones closest to your body. This can be achieved by wearing more than one thick garment.

Tip #2: Food and Water

Water and food top the list of the most basic necessities for every human being. They are the most basic elements of survival. It's important to eat only what you know is edible. Good water intake ensures good hydration. It is favorable to drink water on the cool parts of the day. In your outdoor survival kit, ensure you have; non-perishable food, water purification system and poly bags to help in collecting water and storage.

Tip #3: Fire

Fire is an all-time survival technique that has been used for generations and mostly for jungle survival. It's a gift to humanity since it can be naturally made. With it you can cook, warm yourself, get light, use it as a signal, and for defensive purposes. As a survivalist , it's important to know at least two methods to start a fire and collect enough firewood before dark in order to have fuel to take you through.

Tip #4: Signaling

In order to alert rescuers, it is important to be aware of this survival tip. Have with you, in your survival backpack; a whistle to call for attention, mirrors, flags to signal rescuers, polythene bags, strobe lights to use at night, markers, and matchboxes to create fire for signaling. Bright colored clothing is essential for attracting attention during the day.

Tip # 5: First Aid Kit

In order to properly be prepared for anything, a first aid kit is an essential component for survivalism, in case of emergencies. It is important to always properly take care of yourself for you to survive. In case of bruises, cuts or injuries, a first aid kit will come in handy to help you gain a little comfort while surviving.
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